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ChatGPT Essentials

Navigating the World of Natural Language Understanding

Course Description

In this introductory course, we embark on a journey into the fascinating realm of ChatGPT, a cutting-edge language model that powers intelligent conversations. Designed for beginners, this course aims to demystify the fundamentals of conversational AI, equipping you with the skills to interact with ChatGPT, customize responses, and explore its real-world applications. Join us as we delve into the essentials, empowering you to navigate the exciting intersection of artificial intelligence and natural language understanding. Let's embark on this exploration together!

Course Components

  • Understanding Artificial Intelligence
    • What is AI?
    • What is Machine learning?
    • History of AI-ML
    • What makes ChatGPT Special
    • What are other AI tools/Platforms
    • ChatGPT and Alexa similarities and difference
  • ChatGPT Basics
    • How ChatCPT work
    • Understanding OpenAI and knowing Sam Altman
    • ChatGPT VS Google
    • What is prompt engineering
    • What are Tokens
    • Binge as a free alternative of ChatGPT
  • ChatGPT in Day to Day life
    • How to install and start using ChatGPT
    • ChatGPT 3.5 Vs 4
    • Asking basic question on ChatGPT
    • Asking advance questions on ChatGPT
    • Understanding the boundaries and limitation of Chat GPT
    • Case study 1 Food and Diet Planning
    • Case study 2 Health and Fitness
    • Case study 3 Travel Planning
  • Content Creation with ChatGPT
    • Understanding how to create effective ads
    • Create copyright free content for ads
    • Case study 1 Social Media
    • Case study 2 Copy Writing
    • Case study 3 Video Script
    • Automations with Zapier
  • ChatGPT for Professionals and Business
    • Your AI Business Coach
    • Marketing & Listing your Business
    • Market Research and Analysis
    • Customer Feedback Management
  • AI Music and Voice Creation
    • Generate copyright free content
    • Demonstration the capability
    • Create our own AI-ML gengarite content
  • AI Photo & Video Creation
    • Photo editing skills using AI-ML
    • Exploring various photo editing platforms
    • Case study to create own AI generated photo
  • Limitation & Danger of ChaptGPT
    • Limitations & Biases of AI/ChatBots
    • Should We Be Scared of AI?
    • Ethical and Judicial aspects of AI-ML and ChatGPT
    • What Corporates and Govt's are thinking about AI-ML

Duration: 30 Days

Job Prospects/Benefits

  • AI Research and Development: Companies working in artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and conversational AI constantly seek experts in these fields, including those proficient in developing and improving models like ChatGPT.
  • Customer Support and Service: Many businesses use chatbots powered by AI models like ChatGPT to handle customer inquiries and support tickets, creating a demand for professionals who can configure, customize, and maintain these systems.
  • Content Generation: Media organizations, marketing agencies, and content platforms may hire individuals with expertise in AI language models to generate content, such as articles, product descriptions, or marketing copy.
  • Education and Training: There's a growing need for educators who can teach others how to effectively use AI language models for various applications, including writing, programming, and data analysis.